Keren 35 Ltd. is a private equity firm which specializes in making private real estate investment opportunities accessible to individual or corporate investors

By partnering with leading residential real estate firms, Keren 35 is able to present its unique product to the Israeli market and offer access to major real estate projects that have typically only been available to large corporations or wealthy investors.  Through Keren 35, Israeli residents are now able to participate in these types of investments targeting high-return for investment amounts starting from 100,000 Shekels ($40,000 CAD/USD) and up.

Professional Advisors:

Tax Lawyers:

Securities Lawyers:

Our Vision

To allow every family and company in Israel exceptional annual results on real estate investments that are managed with transparency, supervision, accountability and professionalism.

Meet Our Team:

Nir Kahn - Founder


Oshrit Ezer

Investor Relations VP

Orit Baron

Digital Marketing Manager

Dana Shari

Account Manager

Gill Greenberg

Account Manager

Alen Epshtein

Account Manager

Housing Units

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