The investor is buying units of a limited partnership interest ("UNITS"). Investors are holders of these partnership units and through doing so, each investor owns a proportional, indirect beneficial ownership of the real property.
For qualified investors, there is a minimum required investment amount of $40,000 CAD/USD and up.  The total number of units available varies by project and is determined by the total investment sum required by the company in order to purchase the land or the project.

First we will send you general information about a project. Once you have expressed interest in a particular project, you will fill an offeree request and only the ones that been chosen to be investors will receive a comprehensive Offering Memorandum that describes the details of the investment opportunity, including the specifics of the project and its potential risks. Throughout the course of a year, a range of investment opportunities are available, which differ in expected return profiles, projected investment time horizon, and site location.  Investors have the ability to choose their desired investments based on their personal objectives and specific needs. The financial information of the projects will be reveal only to qualified investors and not more then 35 non-qualified offeree's in each project.

We are not a lender or providing a mortgage; investors participate in each project on an equity basis.  This means that in every case, investors are proportional owners of the property being developed, together with the development partner.  As equity holders, and through a Joint Venture agreement with the developer partner, investors not only beneficially own the development land/ project, but through Greybrook/ WWC as their general partner, investors enjoy the benefit of a representative working on their behalf who maintains control over certain major decisions of the project. 

The money will be not accessible for the entirety of the projected term of the project you choose. While the projected term may differ, it usually falls between 4 and 7 years. With equity however, unlike debt, the term is projected and not definitive. It is possible the project may finish either within the projected term or possibly after.

No.  Nothing that is written herein portrays a promise to a certain return on investment.  Since this is not a debt instrument, investors enjoy the benefit of proportional participation in the project’s profit margins. The returns may vary. Neither Keren 35 Ltd., nor Greybrook or WWC and any of its affiliated companies, as the case may be, is not and should not be held liable in any way whatsoever with regards to the actual returns on investment to the investors and/or to the profit that any investor may or may not generate as a result of their respective investments.

The issuer pays Keren35 a fee in connection with the sale in Israel. Client’s pay Keren 35 directly an agreed upon percentage calculated solely from the project profit after the investor receives the principal they have invested plus an agreed upon annual interest.

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