Greybrook Realty Partners​

Greybrook Realty Partners is part of Greybrook Capital Group, an investment group specializing in acquisition & management of technology, health and real estate companies in the region of North America.

Greybrook Realty Partners specializes in residential real estate investments in North America.

The equity, expertise, and experience behind prime real estate investments

Greybrook Realty Partners is a Toronto-based asset management firm that invests in high quality development-based opportunities in Southern Ontario and South Florida. Greybrook partners on an equity-basis with leading real estate developers to jointly acquire properties well-situated in growing urban and suburban markets, and develop them into new residential and commercial assets that generate compelling returns for investors.

To date, Greybrook has invested in more than 70 high-rise, low-rise and commercial development projects. In aggregate, with over 20,000 units, Greybrook's real estate investment portfolio represents 32 million square feet of residential and commercial density.

With deep industry knowledge, Greybrook's team of professionals consistently execute on the right investments at the right time. Guided by a proven investment strategy, Greybrook works diligently in collaboration with their network of exceptional partners to identify, underwrite, acquire, and execute best-in-class projects – all within an investment structure that protects investors and delivers solid returns.

Exceptional Partners. Exceptional Returns.

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