Toronto (and Greater Toronto- GTA) is in the province of Ontario and is considered the fourth largest city in North America and the most desirable city by immigrants arriving to Canada.

Canada as a whole is a country of immigrants and it encourages immigration.
The government of Canada authorized visas to about 500,000 new immigrants annually and 50% of them choose the GTA as their home.
The area of Greater Toronto consist of about 8 million residents and expected to grow to about 10 Million residents by 2030.
In recent years, the city of Toronto has been undergoing high-density of high-rise residential construction. The harsh environmental protection laws enacted in Canada and the expansion of the "Green Belt" around the city on one hand, and the annual growth and demand for new homes of over 250,000 New residents annually, on the other hand, have created a situation where between the lake and the “Green Belt”, the only building option is to build High-Rises.

Unique advantages for real estate investors in Greater Toronto:

Toronto and Greater Toronto in Canada are repeatedly chosen as one of the best places in the world to live. The reasons for this are stable and diverse economy, comprehensive and advanced health services, financial services, technology and more.
In 2022, the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area created and are creating more high-tech jobs than Silicon Valley did in the last year.                                All these and more, create a demand for residences in the center of Toronto and its surroundings GTA.

Every year over 250,000 out of 500,000 immigrants who come to Canada immigrate to Ontario in general and Toronto in particular.
In light of the high growth rate, we believe it is very important to diversify the investment portfolio by investing in this region.

The population of Greater Toronto, which currently numbers about 8 million inhabitants, is expected to grow to almost 10 million people.                    As mentioned, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is characterized by demographic, economic growth and employment opportunities.

The demand for residences in Toronto and Greater Toronto is great, but on the other hand, there is a shortage of land, and this in light of the unique geographical characteristics of the city.
Toronto has Lake Ontario to the south and the "Green Belt" to the north, east and west. These create a kind of fortification around the city and it functions as a kind of island, which means that construction and development work can be carried out in limited areas and as a result of the growing problem year by year of a lack of land for construction.

These unique characteristics of a stable economy, constant growth in the city's population and rising demand for housing solutions on the one hand and a lack of land for construction on the other indicate that the trend of rising prices for housing in Toronto will remain the same for the foreseeable future and make Toronto attractive for real estate investments in the eyes of investors.

Greybrook has been making real estate investments in Canada and the USA for over 18 years. A large part of its investments in Canada is concentrated in Greater Toronto due to its strong fundamentals and the great investment opportunities it offers.

Toronto (including the Greater Toronto Area), is located in the province of Ontario and is considered to be the fourth largest city in North America, and the most desirable city for new immigrants and residents to settle.  The Greater Toronto Area is a quarter of the size of the state of Israel yet boasts a population of 8 million people. 

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