Provided equity capital and ongoing asset management to acquire and develop 2,003 residential condominium suites located in the heart of downtown Toronto’s Waterfront community – East Bayfront. 
East Bayfront is one of the first new neighborhoods to be developed on Toronto’s waterfront. Planned as a vibrant, mixed-use and sustainable community, East Bayfront is anticipated to become one of the world’s most significant waterfront communities, with its proximity to Canada’s largest financial and cultural center.

The East Bayfront neighborhood will boast some 6,000 residential units, including 1,200 units of affordable housing, and millions of square feet of employment space. The neighborhood is expected to become an exciting and dynamic district that will feature work places, residences, retail stores and restaurants, vibrant public spaces and exceptional architecture. 

Greybrook Realty acts as the General Partner on behalf of all investors and is responsible for actively managing all aspects of the development in partnership with The Castlepoint Group and Cityzen Development Group. The project was sold.          




215 Lakeshore Boulevard, Toronto, ON






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